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Electronic engineer dedicated to frontend development with +5 years of experience.

Lover of the great impact that frontend development has on the creation of products for both clients and companies. Always focused on writing scalable, clean and efficient code.

The experience of having worked both in companies and as a freelancer has allowed me to adopt the main skills of each work style, achieving effective collaboration in multidisciplinary teams but also the ability to be autonomous when facing challenges .

If you're looking for someone who can bring a combination of technical knowledge and innovative solutions to your frontend development project, I'm the person for you!


  1. Ensitech

    Development of mobile applications for iOS and Android, with a focus on user experience and performance. Active participation in the design and implementation of new features, as well as in the resolution of incidents.

  2. Freelance

    Lead custom technology projects with a focus on excellence and offer technical consulting to improve efficiency and security in web projects. Stand out for a focus on improving the user experience on web platforms and mobile apps.

  3. Servies Ltda

    Design and development of web platforms and custom mobile applications, including launch in application stores. Constant commitment to customer satisfaction and providing ongoing support.

  4. Fireno SAS

    Responsible for developing customized technological solutions to improve internal efficiency and increase productivity in the company. Close collaboration with multidisciplinary teams to achieve key objectives.

  5. Freelance

    Development of functional and attractive websites, effective collaboration in diverse teams and meeting established deadlines. Demonstration of constant commitment to improving technical skills.

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Proyecto Fireno tracking
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Fireno Tracking

The software platform enables real-time monitoring of fire suppression system alerts, providing precise location information via GPS integration. It also features a user-friendly interface for efficient management of users, devices, and companies associated with these systems.

Proyecto sorteapp
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SorteApp is a web application for easily creating customizable raffle templates. Users can personalize templates with key raffle information and download them in PNG format for sharing. It also offers a Dark Mode option for a more comfortable user experience.

Proyecto servies
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Introducing our web platform and mobile app, facilitating secure form creation, data collection, and visualization. With a robust authentication system, users can customize forms, generate responses, and access powerful data analysis tools. Simplify decision-making with our comprehensive solution.

Proyecto genimed
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Echocardiogram reporting platform. This tool is designed for cardiologists and healthcare professionals who want to generate echocardiogram study reports quickly and easily.

Proyecto delivery tracker
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Club Royal Elite

Application to make your exchanges, review a summary of your Jewelry and consult the orders placed. This application is an extension of the club royal elite web platform to allow greater user comfort

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